Linda M Pyle

Hello my name is Linda Pyle. I am the author of two books, Pacific Peaks and Picnics: Day Journeys in San Diego County and Peaks, Palms and Picnics Day Journeys in the Mountains and Deserts of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, third printing, updated and revised 2011.

I am “the southern California beach party queen,” fun seeker (just ask my nephew’s kids) and author of The 4 Hour Transformational Day Journey and Picnic Experience. (I am also somewhat famous for my chocolate chip cookies.)

My husband Scott (T.M. for Trail Master) has a unique gift; an uncanny and intuitive trail sense. His father, a forward artillery observer in the Korean War, taught him at the age of twelve how to navigate the Arizona desert by himself in a jeep. We met while ski patrolling at a little ski resort called Snowcrest, Wisconsin. We have been married for 28 years. Now when he is not working in his financial planning business CWMG, he is helping guide us on our day journey adventures. I do the “color” while he measures distances, time and difficulty. I couldn’t write these books without his support.

I am on a mission to get everyone on the planet to experience being out in nature in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley and in San Diego County. After all, we are part of nature. We are not outside or separate from nature. Right? After years of researching, and writing I have put together a system that: 1 Saves you time by putting together simple fun day journeys that can be done in four hours or less 2 Puts you in the right places that fit your interests and confidence level 3 Cuts through the chaos of internet information overload 4 Keeps you in control of vacation expenses with lots of free and inexpensive fun places to go 5 Gets you organized and well informed 6 Gives you an online support community and training videos to jump start your fun It’s okay. It’s safe. Let me help you. I know how to guide you there. Get reconnected to LIFE. I have a simple plan of freedom and connection. These books are my self-guided answer to your question, “What is there to love about visiting Palm Springs or San Diego County? Life is a journey.

I must have wanted to remember this because it is the title of my day Journeys in Palm Springs and day journeys in San Diego books. My best to you, feel free to email me anytime. I would love to sell tons of books but what I really want to do is great work that is meaningful and create experiences that, in some way, leave people changed. - Linda Pyle