These books are my self-guided answer to your question…
What is there to love about visiting Palm Springs or San Diego County?

1. Saves You Time

Putting together simple fun day journeys
that can be done in four hours or less.

2. The Best Locations

Puts you in the right places that fit your
interests and confidence level.

3. Puts You Into Action

Keeps you in control of vacation expenses
with lots of free & inexpensive fun places to go.

Linda featured on San Diego Living TV
Peaks Palms & Picnics
30 “step by step” day journeys with 55 tempting recipes for your beach, mountain, or inland valley picnic. Benefit from her years of researching and exploring the region’s trails and discover the natural wonders of San Diego County. Includes travel routes for easy, moderate or strenuous journeys, directions to scenic, off-the-beaten-track picnic spots, and tips on how to plan a picnic.
Pacific Peaks & Picnics
Natural history and western lore along remote back roads, historic city streets and ancient Indian trails in California’s Coachella Valley region. Each vignette includes travel routes for easy, moderate or strenuous hikes and simple recipes for delicious sandwiches, salads and desserts for the trail. This revised and expanded second edition also features the author’s photographs of many of her favorite destinations and scenic picnic spots.

Your books are wonderfully different and REFRESHING!! The recipes are a nice touch too.

- Mark Farley, Elite Land Tours, Palm Springs

Your book will be good to promote especially to tourists visiting San Diego, it gives such a great overview of the topography of the area. The history side of it is important especially since we are in Old Town.

- Karen Abbott, Old Town Trading Company

I am an artist, so Linda’s chapter on the Indian Canyons were helpful in showing me beautiful places to capture images of the desert with my camera.

- D. Sullivan, Photographer & Artist



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2 days ago

Linda M. Pyle

Look at this amazing diversity!Did you know that we are living in a global biodiversity hotspot? The Coachella Valley is part of both the California Floristic Province and the Sonoran-Baja Desert Ecoregion, sits on the border between the Colorado and Mojave Deserts, and spans five different life zones, from low desert sandy washes to sub-alpine pine forests.

This 3D map of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument spans from sea level La Quinta in the lower left to the peak of Mount San Jacinto at 10,833 feet in elevation in the upper right, and displays more than 50,000 observations of life - about 2,000 different plants and animals. Blue dots represents vertebrate animals (birds, mammals, and reptiles), red dots represent invertebrates (insects and spiders), and green dots represent plants.

The entire Coachella Valley is home to at least 3,000 different species that we know of! You can discover the diversity of life in the Coachella Valley and contribute to this map at
#ConnectToTheLand #BiodiversityDay #DiaInternacionaldelaBiodiversidad
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