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Lost On Purpose

Linda M. Pyle’s collection of short poems, quotes, and photos are meant to invite the reader to relax into their own creative uniqueness. On the left side of each page, Pyle archives a life immersed in nature with her photos of world sacred sites, sunsets, sunrises, beaches, birds,flowers, and favorite landscapes she has wandered on foot. On the right side of each page are her short revelatory poems and quotes, that are entry points to self-compassion and creative peace. She hopes her words will be felt as an invitation to the reader to return to the heart, listen to their authentic voice, let go of their critical mind, and feel safe to being seen in the world. Then get inspired to bring to the world what they love. This is not a book about spirituality. It is about human potential when readers open to the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine principle of love, surrender and trust.

Your books are wonderfully different and REFRESHING!! The recipes are a nice touch too.

- Mark Farley, Elite Land Tours, Palm Springs

Your book will be good to promote especially to tourists visiting San Diego, it gives such a great overview of the topography of the area. The history side of it is important especially since we are in Old Town.

- Karen Abbott, Old Town Trading Company

I am an artist, so Linda’s chapter on the Indian Canyons were helpful in showing me beautiful places to capture images of the desert with my camera.

- D. Sullivan, Photographer & Artist


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